Fluidampr Harmonic Damper Pulley For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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The Fluidampr Harmonic Damper Pulley For Mazda MX-5 NA NB is designed to replace your standard damper. The pulley that came with your car actually dampens harmonic vibrations generated by the engine, and as more power is added it becomes less effective. It’s recommended that when horsepower is increased significantly that the damper is upgraded to reduce wear on main bearings and timing gear.

If you’ve purchased one of our Turbo Kits, this is excellent insurance against the oil pump gears failing as well as balancing out the engine during operation.

This product is comparable to the ATI Super Damper for the MX5, but operates over the full rev-range of the engine and doesn’t require press-fitting.

Wondering why you need an engine damper? Read this; https://bofiracing.co.uk/blog/how-harmonic-balancer-protects-mx5-engine/

Fits 1991-2005 MX-5 1.6 (Long Nose) and 1.8 – A note, you will need 1.8 alternator and water pump pulleys as this is a 4 rib belt only.

Also known as an upgraded harmonic balancer or damper.

Bore Diameter 1.499″
Degree Marking Range TDC.  10 deg reference mark.
Degree Markings Engraved
Engine Balance Internal
Finish Black Zinc
Keyway Dowel pin hole
Length 1.59″
Material Steel
Mounting Hardware Included Yes.  4x grade 12.9 M6 x 16mm bolts.
Outside Diameter 5-1/4″
Safety Rating SFI 18.1
Weight / Rotating Weight 5.2 lbs / 3.4 lbs
Weight 3.595 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 26.5 × 12 cm


2 reviews for Fluidampr Harmonic Damper Pulley For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    I had been reading about harmonic dampers for some time, not really in great supply in the UK. Then stumbled upon Bofi’s blog regarding them (who worth a read), this lead me to the fluidampr which they had the best price on the internet.
    The fluidampr itself was well packaged and easy to fit, it looks a quality piece of kit. Not sure I can notice a difference but gives me piece of mind now I’m going down the turbo route.

  2. poseidonasas (verified owner)

    If the engine is forged and you want your ‘creation’ to last a lifetime look no further than this damper

    It is engine health insurance

    On my last engine (stock internals 1.6) the engine was pushed to 17 psi of boost for approximately a year making 218 whp , which is outstanding for an 1.6. . Changing just the damper had as a result an increase of about 7 hp at 4900rpm and 3kgm of torque at 4000rpm with engine being more revvy and lively than ever. (Dyno weather conditions similar/20 degrees /67% humidity/1017 hpa of sea levek pressure)

    Compared to the ATI superdamper which is also superior in its class , the fluidamper was much easier to install as it did not require a press fit onto the crankshaft

    F.Y.I ,the engine was at great health but I decided to forge it for bigger zoom-zoom factors

    A must if you require a BULLETPROOF bottom end

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