Supertech Forged Pistons for Mazda MX-5 NA NB 1.8


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Supertech Forged Pistons for Mazda MX-5 NA NB 1.8

Supertech draw on over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of racing pistons. The latest CAD and analysis software enables Supertech to design strong, lightweight high-performance pistons. Manufactured from 4032 high silicon alloy that resists thermal expansion and wear. Thanks to the exceptional thermal conductivity, Supertech pistons have been tested up to 42psi of boost with alcohol.

Supertech’s 2 or 3 step forging process produces a fine structural grain. The material fibres are orientated in the same direction as stress to provide an exceptionally strong piston. Coupled with heat treatments, Supertech pistons have extremely high tensile strength.

Each piston undergoes several steps of machining to ensure it is dimensionally perfect. All pistons feature reduction grooves to reduce contact with the cylinder wall. Pin bores are honed and reamed to provide a precision fit with the high-strength wrist pin, which is used in conjunction with wire clip locks.

Supertech pistons benefit from a phosphate dry lubricant coating to improve lubrication of the skirt and cylinder wall. The coating also prevents micro-welding of the piston ring to the ring land which prevents the ring rotating in the bore and increasing friction.


  • 4 x Forged pistons
  • 4 x Gudgeon pins
  • 8 x Pin locks
  • 4 x Piston ring sets


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