DaveFab Brake Stopper For Mazda MX-5 NA

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DaveFab Brake Stopper For Mazda MX-5 NA

This is as neat an installation as it gets for a brake stopper, it doesn’t interfere with strut braces and utilises existing factory holes and bolts. Why would you want the brake stopper? In our opinion it’s one of the best bang for buck upgrades especially on an early car.

The entire brake master cylinder and booster moves under the force you create with the brake pedal, you first have the free play in the pedal then you have a spongy feeling before the brakes start to really work – this is most off putting when pushing hard on the track or spiritedly driving – its just one of the areas of the MX5/Miata that needs improvement from the factory.

It’ll make you existing pads work harder, as you’ll be able to push more confidently and have a more consistent feel from the brake pedal while doing so.

We highly recommend this mod and kind of like the door bars, it becomes a ‘must have’ for track work in our opinion, our detailed review is here; https://bofiracing.co.uk/blog/davefab-brake-stopper-review-trackday-prep/


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2 reviews for DaveFab Brake Stopper For Mazda MX-5 NA

  1. tarkmalbot (verified owner)

    High quality piece of kit and does a great job of stopping the bulkhead flex and still allows the use of a strut brace. Looks like a factory fitted item once installed. I found the hole did not line up in the inner arch which could be to do with the thickness of the casting on my brake cylinder which after 15+ years may not be standard. I opened the hole out and used a washer to get it to fit.

  2. Gareth Jones (verified owner)

    Another great piece of kit from Davefab, easily fitted to my NA. I had no problems fitting and it looks entirely standard while beefing up the braking performance of my car. Quick delivery from BOFI too!

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