GC Fabrications Door Bars For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

GC Fabrications Door Bars For Mazda MX-5 NA NB



GC Fabrications Door Bars For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

We can’t shout loudly enough about how much of a difference door bars make. It’s evident the first time you move the car 3 feet or jack up the car – the chassis rigidity improves massively. It’s not quite like adding a roof to the car but its as good as it gets without putting in a full cage.

All your inputs will be so much more direct, the car’s suspension will work better, the creaks and groans of the chassis seem to disappear and if you already have a bucket seat like the Motamec MRX you won’t really notice that there in the car as they don’t go higher than the bolsters. They aren’t designed to protect you further in a side-on collision, their purpose is purely to add stiffness to the chassis and wow they really do.

Not convinced? Come try out one of our cars.

Please note

If you have a GCR Rollbar, the holes are already there for the door bars to bolt on to, you’ll reuse the same bolts that attach the bottom of your GCR roll bar for the GCR door bars. If you have a GC2, GC3 or any other type of roll bar these door bars will bolt directly to your rear firewall.

Please note: On NBFL/MK2.5 cars only, the door cards will need either modifying or replacing with flat door cards for these door bars to fit properly.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

Roll Bar Type

GCR2 & GCR3, Other Roll Bar, GC2 & GC3

Make Model Year
Mazda MX-5 1989 - 2005