In this episode were sent a CORE4 PnP Speeduino ECU to try in the £500 Miata before we turbocharge it. James unboxes a myriad of parts, revealing which turbo kit we will be using, along with new repair panels to fit in future episodes. Then the ECU is installed along with AFR, IAT & TPS sensors before Matt immediately rips some burnouts in the yard.


  1. Andy Gardner 20th June 2020

    In your Speeduino fit you didn’t mention removing the fuse for the Fuel pump, was this missed out or are the instruction for it wrong. The flow switch is replaced by a driver in ECU that gets fried if you don’t do thus according to the instructions. Any way great video, just weird seeing a left hand variant being worked on in the UK.

    1. Daniel Marshall 22nd June 2020

      Hi Andy, you do need to remove the ST Sign fuse (which is the starter fuse).

      We didn’t the first time, which usually kills ECUs and in this case it didn’t. But yes, you do need to remove it or the starter doesn’t turn off.



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