Speed Academy have answered the most common question asked by anyone who is a fan of naturally-aspirated builds. If you hadn’t already guessed, it is which is better—a killer K-swap or a bonkers BP?

The green NB features a cammed 223whp K24, with the swap being a bolt-in affair thanks to K-Miata’s comprehensive kit. The white NB delivers 185whp on a stock bottom end with a monstrous 100 thou skim, ITBs and big cams from Maruha. Speed Academy’s David Pratte manhandles both around his local track—Toronto Motorsports Park—to turn in a pair of feverish lap times.

Lander’s Green NB has had every gram possible stripped from it, making it a lean mean track-day machine. At the other end of the spectrum, Quinn’s white NB is pure luxury. Every surface has been meticulously reupholstered, with the Lotus Elise seats taking pride of place in the cockpit.

Watch both videos below to see which comes out on top.

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