After now running the 1.6 manifold and Garrett downpipe for the past 3 months we’re quite confident in its design, while this is still technically a pre-production piece the core of its design is now finalised and agreed.

Keep in mind here that the BOFI Low Mount places the flange at the same position for both the 1.6 and  the 1.8 and the downpipe length is the same regardless of EFR or Garrett. You could go from a GT2554R all the way up to a GT2871R in size and use the same downpipe on the same manifold, moving to an EFR would require a different downpipe as its connection is VBand.

We’re choosing to dodge the ear on the gearbox here, which requires the pipe to be canted over to the left slightly but the gap between the gearbox and chassis isn’t favourable to go any other route.

Clearance to the gearbox is tight and it may be that we push this out 5mm to the left to accomodate more of an air gap for gearbox reliability. However, this downpipe is wrapped and there is still room.

Here we have a more detailed shot of what we’re working with. Moving the tubro further back would require notching the gearbox in order to get the downpipe out as it would hit the shelf of the firewall.


The downpipes are 3″ end to end and will finish at a set point around the gearbox. From there a link pipe will be employed to mate to a standard exhaust system allowing the downpipes to be agnostic of the chassis or year of the engine.

Note that this is a downpipe for the GT turbo series, its design will be different for the EFR but will take the same route around the gearbox casting.

Any questions please get in touch.


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