HyperMiata Mazda MX-5 time attack car

The HyperMiata is extraordinary. It’s a machine so spectacular in its speed, that it has truly earned the prefix hyper—traditionally reserved for the upper echelons of unobtanium. Transformed from its humble beginnings as a 1990 Miata, every addition to the HyperMiata exists to make it faster. And it is fastfaster than almost anything else.

A naturally aspirated 3.6L Chevrolet LFX V6 dominates the engine bay. Running on E85, it produces a comparatively modest 326 whp and 293 lb/ft of torque. To cope with the increase in power, the gearbox has been replaced with a GM/Asin 6-speed from a Caddilac CTS. The differential is a Getrag G80 with a 3.42 final drive.

As is obvious from the featured image, the modifications to the rest of the Miata are also extensive. The enormous wing and outrageous front splitter work together to produce massive amounts of downforce. Every suspension arm has been changed, yet it retains the hubs to keep the MX-5s excellent geometry. The Supermiata Xida coilovers sport extremely stiff 1300lb (23Kg) front and 600lb (11Kg) rear springs to make the most of the astronomical levels of downforce and grip.

On 3rd February 2019 at the #GridLife TrackBattle Streets Special exhibition event, Ryan Passey piloted the HyperMiata to 1st place overall. It was a cold day at the Streets of Willow in California. Despite a heavy rainstorm, the HyperMiata beat Porsche Carreras, Chevrolet Corvettes and Nissan Skylines to secure top time of the day. The 1:17.03 lap was so blisteringly quick it set a new Miata lap record. The overall Time Attack lap record was narrowly missed by just 0.02s.

Watch the lap below

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