Karlino AMSoil Mazda MX5 Miata

Every build is different and everyone’s builds requirements for oiling is different but what we can all agree on is that we’re looking for the best value protection for our given application. This could be your supermarket oil for your cheap runabout, or it could be a super high premium oil for your built turbocharged monster.

We’re never really sure if the pretty pictures on the and marketing “information” on the bottle is indicative of real-world performance, the yardstick of weights is only so good for telling you about the film strength, cold performance as well as hot performance.

Here’s a video produced by one of our favourite youtube channels for nerdy backyard testing, Project Farm.

In this video, the cold performance, lubrication properties as well as hot testing is performed, with the latter being an absolute torture test. Royal Purple oil is a really great Fully Synthetic oil that’s seen as a premium brand but the difference in performance between the two speaks wonders.

Video Analysis

We can see from the detail of the bottle that both of the oils tested are 5w-30 and have all the required certifications listed that tells you they’re up to the task, they are marketed as premium products too.

The first test is checking lubricity, we can see that the AMSOIL takes 20 fewer watts to run at the same RPM, this shows the oil is creating a slipperier surface and is requiring less torque to turn the wheel, could that equate to horsepower in an engine?

The second test is cold performance, we see how much less viscous the AMSOIL is, which is great, as it means the oil is being moved around the engine via the oil pump rather than being sat in the sump in a thick gloopy mess.

The third test is a torture test, which involved keeping the oils at ~190-200c for 2 hours! Generally, you’re lucky to see (and would be concerning if) over 130c on a track day, so it just goes to show how well both oils coped with this test, losing minimal amounts of fluid but the AMSOIL again showed it performed the best, losing the least volume as well as visibly turning less black and burnt, inferring the additive package also stood up to the heat.

The fourth test is another cold test, with frankly incredibly impressive results for AMSOIL and in turn very disappointing for the royal purple.

We did considerable research into the AMSOIL range for the MX5 and on paper, its the best performing product with respect to the oil film, longevity and additive package, that’s why we stock the DOMINATOR range in ‘Turbo Spec’ (15w50) and “Naturally Aspirated” (10w30).


AMSOil Dominator Racing 15W-50

One of the highest quality oils on the
£15.80 inc VAT

AMSOil Dominator Racing 10W-30

One of the highest quality oils on the
£14.60 inc VAT

If you want to see more tests with more conventional oil, check out the video Is AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil better than Mobil 1? Let’s find out!


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