Eunos Ecosse — The Scottish Hillclimb & Sprint Register — was founded by a small number of MX-5 enthusiasts in 2013.

The club’s intention was to develop a single marque class that would increase the competitiveness of local motorsport, whilst keeping costs low and the fun high. Developing their own set of regulations, Eunos Ecosse have carved a path that allows the most talented drivers to shine, rather than those with the deepest pockets. With their own class in the Scottish Lowland Speed Championship, Eunos Ecosse have worked with a variety of clubs, including Monklands, Lothian and East Ayrshire, to experience new venues and compete against tough competition.

What is your mission as a club?

To offer fun, cost effective and highly competitive motorsport in MX-5’s with the focus squarely on driver ability rather than wallet size.

Who is your club aimed at?

We’re open to anyone who wants to get involved in Motorsport and MX-5’s. We have members from all walks of life and all age groups, from 17 years old to well into their 70s. Basically,if you want to get out on track in an MX-5 we’ll do our best to help you get started.

What makes you different from other clubs?

We are the the only MSA accredited MX-5 club in Scotland that focuses exclusively on motorsport activities. At present the club also runs the only single make class in Scottish speed sport where our club members regularly make up the largest class at Hillclimb and Sprint events. The combination of our low cost ethos coupled with sensible technical regulations means that competition is tight resulting in exciting racing for competitors and spectators alike.


What events do you organise?

As well as our club hillclimb and Sprint championship, we regularly run track days at Kames sprint circuit in Muirkirk. In 2019 Eunos Ecosse will be hosting test days at the fantastic Forrestburn Hillclimb — Operated by Monklands Sporting Car Club — halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Going forward there’s the possibility of an MX-5 only track evening at Knockhill, and if we can find enough cones (and buckets 🤮) a winter autosolo.

A few years ago, as an end of season bash we hired the Driftland circuit in Fife. It ended up being a fantastic day and was a great way for the members to explore the limits of their cars — while at the same time use up the last of their competition tyres. We’re always looking at ways our members can utilise their cars to their full potential.

Why is an MX-5 suited to these events?

In standard trim an MX-5 may not be the fastest or sharpest handling car out there, but with a few well considered modifications they can easily be made into something that’s far greater than the sum of its parts — they punch well above their weight!

The classic front engine, rear wheel drive layout coupled with adjustable double wishbones all round, excellent 4 wheel disc brakes, a range of factory LSDs and 5 or 6 speed gearboxes with decent ratios all make for an excellent base for a competition car. In unmodified form the B6 and BP engines are tough and reliable and there are a healthy amount of spare engines at sensible prices if the worst happens. They are simple and rewarding cars to work on — most of the time!

Interchangeability of parts means that basic cars can be upgraded to the optimal spec cheaply and easily. Adjustable suspension means that cars can be set up to suit individual driving styles and a nicely sorted NA or NB is a really rewarding car to drive on and over the limit. Being neither hard on tyres or brakes also makes them a great choice for a sensibly priced track car that won’t break the bank in consumables. Plus they also like going sideways!

What are the entry requirements & regulations?

For Hillclimb and Sprint events competitors require a National B non race licence from Motorsport UK.

The licence application form can be downloaded from the Motorsport UK website and is pretty straightforward to complete. Along with the usual personal details there’s a medical self declaration section and the applicant will also have to attach an up to date passport style photograph. The current licence fee is £46 and it will usually arrive by post within 2 weeks. Regulations require a crash helmet, fireproof race suit and fireproof gloves. All of which must meet the minimum specifications laid out in the current Motorsport UK competitors yearbook, also known as the Blue Book.

Helmets, suits and gloves are available from £100, £250 and £40 respectively. The car must be insured, road taxed and have a current MOT certificate. It should have stickers showing locations of front and rear towing points, a sticker indicating direction of on and off at the ignition switch and yellow tape around the battery’s negative cable.

Tyres must be from either List 1A or List 1B in the current yearbook and a timing splitter attached to the front bumper. Apart from that the car can remain standard. As a club we have a set of technical regulations that allow our competitors to make basic upgrades to their cars to enhance performance and enjoyment.

These fall pretty much in line with what most MX-5 owners would do to build a fast road or basic track day car. Uprated dampers, exhaust systems, cold air intakes, track compound brake pads, etc. Fundamentally though the regulations are there to keep engine outputs close to standard and control costs in order to promote success based on driver ability. The supplementary regulations can be found on our website at and any of the committee members would be happy to advise anyone wishing to get involved in Hillclimbs or Sprints.

What are your objectives for 2019?

Since starting out in 2013 we have focused solely on catering for Mk1 and MK2 variants of the MX-5 and Class A9 in the Lowlands Speed Championship. For 2019 Class A9 will also be offered in the Scottish Sprint, Hillclimb and Speed championships that will result in a greater choice of events and venues across the country and should also open up our club to new members from the North of England.

Looking to the future we recognise that the number of good NA and NB cars is dwindling and prices are rising. Early NC models are now available for very reasonable amounts and have great potential as competition cars. On the back of this we have decided to offer owners of MK3 and modified MK1 and MK2 cars the opportunity to race against each other in a dedicated club championship. Our objective is to open the club up to new members whilst at the same time gain experience in developing the NC as a natural successor to our current NA and NB race cars.

How can people get involved?

Anyone wanting to get involved can contact us via our club website at or the Eunos Ecosse Facebook page.

Alternatively, during the race season, they could pop down to an event to catch some of the action. The paddocks are open to spectators and our drivers are always happy to chat with anyone about racing and their cars. We would be delighted to talk through the regulations with anyone that fancies the opportunity to race and we will always do our best to help source a suitable car and the parts to build it.


Not in Scotland?

Click here to find Hillclimb and Sprint events near you.


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