The guys over at Empty Pocket Racers wanted to improve the horsepower and overall area under the curve with their NB 10AE track car, with a head skim and a set of Cat Cams Hot Street 274 they managed to pull a super impressive number and an awesome curve on the dyno, this thing will be a riot to drive!

A BP6D (VVT) bottom end with a BP4W head at 11.5:1 static compression achieved via a 0.60 thou shim which is the limit for the stock tension pulley, upgraded valve springs, a boundary engineering set of oil pump gears and a flattop intake manifold.

An MS3 Mini controls the engine, or rather, wrestles it into submission and a custom 4-2-1 60mm header back exhaust keeps things flowing.

This engine happily revs out to 7500rpm, they dyno didn’t pick up that far – who knows what the actual number is?

Watch them chase after lap records in the season to come.

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