Gifts for Mazda MX-5 Owners

With Christmas speeding around the corner, the pressure is on to find great gifts for MX-5 owners and Miata lovers this year. Whether your father wants to go faster, your mother needs to do some maintenance, your brother wants to be boosted, or your sister wants slippers, we’ve got it covered. Having handpicked our favourite 10 MX-5 and Miata gifts, we guarantee they’ll go down a storm with owners and lovers alike. A limit of £50 means you won’t need to blow the budget to stay in the good books, even if you’ve been caught doing doughnuts on the driveway.

1. Autoplush MX-5 Stuffed Toys

Everyone’s favourite sports car is now available as a stuffed toy. You no longer need to feel bad leaving your MX-5 out in the cold when you can bring its avatar everywhere you go. Coming in the most popular original colours, they also work well as voodoo dolls.

2. SkidNation Delrin Door Bushes

Everyone knows the MX-5 is a little floppy. With the frame rails tasked with the keeping the body rigid, they need all the help they can get. With some door bushes now reaching 30 years old, the rubber has had time to soften. SkidNation’s delrin door bushes are solid, completely removing any play and improving the way the door shuts.

3. Beatrush Brass Shifter Bush

The plastic cup that operates the shift mechanism in the gearbox is known to wear over time. This can lead to a sloppy gear change when it should feel positive and confidence-inspiring. Beatrush have engineered a brass bush that restores the feel and promises superior longevity to the original.

4. ProSlip Brake Caliper Lubricant

Properly lubricated brakes feel better and stop harder. Superior to traditional one-size-fits-all greases, the ProSlip brake caliper lubricant kits contains 3 specially engineered greases to improve the performance of your brakes. Brakes perform noticeably better when installed with ProSlip.

5. AmsOil Dominator Octane Booster

Proven to make more power, AmsOil Dominator Octane Booster increases fuel octane levels by up to 4 points. The increased octane significantly improves knock resistance, which makes it ideal for use on the track or for squeezing every last bit of power out on the dyno.

6. DaveFab Slam Panel

The DaveFab Slam Panel is essential equipment for any fast road or track day MX-5. Not only does it look great, but it keeps air flowing through the radiator to improve cooling performance. Installation is simple and instantly improves the look of the engine bay.

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DaveFab Radiator Cooling Slam Panel For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

Maximize the efficiency of your cooling system, a

7. Autoplush MX-5 Slippers

There’s arguably nothing worse than not being able to drive your MX-5 through the winter months for fear of it rusting into pieces. Now, the Autoplush MX-5 slippers allow you to race two MX-5s throughout the coldest part of the year, whilst keeping your toes warm and toasty.

8. Enamel MX-5 Pin Badges

These enamel pin badges are the perfect gift to show your significant other you know what colour their MX-5 is. Jokes aside, these pin badges look right at home accessorising bags, jackets and caps with their oversized wheels and glossy finish.

9. Jass Performance Gear Lever Boot

Odds are the OEM upper shift boot in your MX-5 is torn. Due to their design, they are essentially an annual service item. The Jass Performance gear lever gaiter is a replacement for life, thoroughly track-tested for ultimate durability.

10. Duraflex Engine Mounts

The engine mounts in 1989-2005 MX-5s go soft, warp and can completely split over time, leaving the engine held in by its weight alone. Duraflex polyurethane engine mounts are an affordable alternative that do not degrade over time. They also greatly improve how the car feels by firmly securing the drive train to the chassis with different levels of hardness.

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